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Lost and Sound is the hub of Los Angeles-based music supervisor Lauren Fay Levy, offering full-service music supervision for TV, film, and advertising. 

Lauren’s love of music traces back as early as age 7 — breaking her family’s VHS player from over-rewinding Spice World to transcribe all the lyrics. Her music palate has since expanded, but her freakish devotion to music remains the same. Lauren has practiced de facto music supervision since her early teens in the dark basement of her Brooklyn home, meticulously editing footage on Windows Movie Maker to handpicked songs, melding the music’s every beat and emotion with visuals.

A third-generation New Yorker, Lauren sacrificed her love of bagels for her love of music, and moved to California at age 17, alone except for her trusty blue iPod to keep her strong. Amid years of day job hustles teeth whitening, feeding a director’s pet pigeon, and laying in The Standard Hotel’s human fish tank, Lauren pursued music from every angle: playing in indie bands, hosting a college radio show, DJing at vinyl hot spots around LA, curating playlists for businesses such as The Ace Hotel, interning at a publishing company as well as a music company that managed dead people, earning an Ethnomusicology BA from UCLA, and eventually beginning her prophetic calling in music supervision.

Under the tutelage of veteran music supervisor Nora Felder, Lauren cut her teeth on Season One of Stranger Things (nominated for the first Emmy ‘music supervision’ category - two consecutive years). Lauren was the Music Coordinator of Stranger Things’ Grammy-nominated compilation soundtrack. During her tenure at Picture Music Company, Lauren also placed music on Ray Donovan, Better Things (Hollywood Music & Media Awards music supervision nominee), and The OA among others. Following this chapter, Lauren went on to music supervise Apple ads at TBWA/Media Arts Lab, and assist esteemed music supervisor Bruce Gilbert on a range of hit shows (Kidding, Orange is the New Black, GLOW, et al).

Lauren is currently an independent music supervisor, with a penchant for bold television, artistic feature films, and a special place in her heart for LGBTQ+ cinema. She’s also a designated music lecturer (alongside Zach Cowie, Bryan Ling, and Kegan Simons) running the LA chapter of the international music series Classic Album Sundays, at hi-fi listening bar In Sheep’s Clothing.

Besides having her finger on the pulse of new music, Lauren has extensive knowledge of both western and global music history and traditions. Ethnomusicology — the study of music both in and as culture — trained her to analyze music through psychological, anthropological, and sociological lenses. Her music business proficiency is grounded in her coursework in Music Supervision, Music Law, Music Business & Industry, Music Theory, Music Technology & Science, and Music Research & Literacy. Lauren also studied and played a variety of traditional music in academic ensembles: Balinese Gamelan, West African music and dance, classical North Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Latin percussion, Flamenco Dance, and Appalachian and Bluegrass.


Fun fact! Lauren is also the co-inventor and founder of Future Eyes — the original crystal kaleidoscope glasses.